Signature Scent: What does your company scent say about you?

The importance of scent marketing for the success of your business can be attributed to certain fragrances’ effects on a customer’s buying power, so much more with a business’ own signature scent.

With a professional scent machine for your business and the correct fragrance, your customers can be persuaded to change their mood and become more likely to make a purchase.

What is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is the use of various fragrances combined for a specific marketing purpose. Certain scents provide excitement, relaxation, awareness, or stress relief. These scents by the company encourage brand loyalty through memorable positive experiences when olfactory reactions occur and the customer’s sense of smell is activated. 

Scent branding companies also offer signature fragrance creations for businesses as scent marketing solutions to encourage memorable experiences for their customers or clients. When choosing fragrances for a signature scent, aromachologists and perfumers will establish the intention of the business’s use of the scent and create a signature scent for them.


How does fragrance affect mood?

Humans have known for centuries the effect scents and fragrances have on our bodies. Aromatherapy for stress relief is particularly effective. We also know that other scents can help alleviate anxiety and promote calmness. There are also some scents that are particularly memorable and take us back to special moments, such as pumpkin spice for Thanksgiving, or pine for Christmas. 

When a fragrance is released into the air the scent is vaporized and dispersed throughout the intended area (usually using a scenting machine). Once a person breathes in the nose there are specialized sensory cells that detect the scent. These cells are called olfactory sensory neurons and are directly connected to the brain. Scents usually set off an immediate sensory response as a result. These olfactory neurons detect the type and makeup of the fragrance and the brain releases a different response to each one. 


What is a Signature Scent?

A signature scent is a combination of a number of fragrances that is unique to your brand. These signature scents are usually created with the help of a perfumer and aromachologist and your marketing team to establish a scent that ticks all the boxes for a magnificent customer experience.


Why do you need a Signature Scent?


Why do you need a Signature Scent?

Of course you understand the importance of scent marketing, but how can a signature scent set you apart from the competition? The olfactory neurons in the nose are directly linked to the brain and scents bypass the thalamus and go directly to the smell center, the olfactory bulb which is directly connected to the amygdala and the hippocampus.

This might explain why a certain smell can immediately trigger a memory or emotion. 


Knowing that scents can trigger an emotion or memory a signature scent can improve customer retention and loyalty. When a customer experiences a positive encounter with your company and your signature scent is already in practice, when they return and experience the smell again they can be ‘transported’ straight back to the positive memory and feeling. 


How to create a Signature Scent?

Before you approach any of the various scent branding companies you should establish the result you would like from your signature scent. For example, scent marketing for restaurants wouldn’t include fragrances that could make the customer sleepy, but rather scents to stimulate appetite. In the same way, a hotel would choose scents that are calming and stress relieving. 


How long does it take to create a Signature Scent?

The signature scent design process typically takes between three to six weeks and requires at least 50ml sample fragrance to capture main and tail aroma notes. Our scent manufacturer will deconstruct and then formulate the scent based on the provided sample and provide up to two additional trials to rebalance the tones based on the customer’s feedback.

The same process applies when customers are designing brand-new signature scents.


To start the signature scent design process a non-refundable fee of $500 must be paid along with providing the 50ml sample (base) scent. The minimum order quantity for designed signature scents is ten 500 ml bottles.

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