Scenting for Medical and Dental Offices

Aroma Designers have helped many health offices transform their waiting areas into more tranquil, stressless environments.

Benefits of Scenting Your Medical or Dental Office

Many of us develop certain levels of anxiety whenever we go to a medical or dental office mostly because of the nature of the visit and the ‘unknown’ factor. While there is no one magic trick to remove the stress built up in its entirety, health professionals can take proactive steps to mitigate the stress agents.

Medical staff attitude, receptionist’s experience and waiting area comfort in many cases are as important in the formation of patient experience as the actual doctor’s interaction.

Patients spend a significant portion of their visit in the waiting area and having a comfortable wait is becoming an important factor.

External element such as noise, the smell is key in the formation of the patient experience. Multiple studies have shown a strong correlation between aromas (such as lavender and eucalyptus) and the human perception of stress. External factors do affect the release of cortisol and aroma can significantly change the perceived surrounding.

Scenting for Medical and Dental Offices

Popular Scents & Scent Machines for Dental and Health Offices

If you’re a health professional and looking for ways to make your business more patient-centric, please connect with us on the aroma options for your office.

Most of our health professional clients have elected to go with S4, M10 and M20 diffusers for their waiting areas, while for HVAC scenting setup most offices go with the powerful HVAC compatible diffuser L150.

As for the more popular scent choices among health professionals, Enigma and Affair are the top two sellers. Whatever aroma need you may have, please consider Aroma Designers as your premier aroma partner.

We have in stock many standalone and HVAC capable scent diffusers that can take your practice to the next level.

Scenting for Medical and Dental Offices

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