Scenting Beauty Salons and Spas

Create a relaxing environment that enhances well-being with scent.

Benefits of Scenting Beauty Salons and Spa Centers

Beauty salons and spa centers are well-known places to go get pampered.

Most of us go there to detach from everyday’s rush and submerge into a relaxed, suiting environment.

One of the key ingredients in the formation of a tranquil environment is having the right scent for your beauty or spa salon. Customers don’t want to smell bleach, chlorine or chemical agents used for cleaning/disinfecting purposes.

Aroma Designers have a unique collection of fragrance oils and purpose-specific scent oil diffusers that can transform your customer area into the best smelling business.

If you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, please connect with us about the aroma options for your office.

Scenting Beauty Salons and Spas

Popular Scents & Scent Machines for Beauty Salons, Spa & Wellness Centers

Most of our spa/beauty salon clients elected to go with M20 and M30 scent diffusers for their service areas, while for HVAC setup most offices go with the powerful L150 HVAC scent diffuser.

Lavender, Eucalyptus and Bamboo signature scents are the more popular choices with our spa centers while Enigma, Sherwood and Affair are the popular choices for beauty salons.

We also offer free scent samples and have an extended collection of scents that can be offered to you should you have more specialized scenting needs. Please consider Aroma Designers as your premier partner for your aroma transformation journey.

Scenting for Beauty Salons and Spas 3

We have helped hundreds of beauty and spa salons differentiate themselves as top-tier beauty/spa salons by offering customers a good smelling experience.

Please, contact us for free consultation.

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