Scenting for Car Showrooms & Car Dealerships

Best scenting solutions for your car dealership or showroom. Create an exclusive customer experience.

Benefits of Scenting Car Showrooms & Car Dealerships

Running a successful car dealership is a complex undertaking that involves many factors such as the right physical location, good pricing model, robust inventory, staff and many other variables. However, marketing studies show that one of the most prominent elements of running a successful (in-store) dealership is having customer-friendly staff combined with a welcoming retail environment.

Aroma Designers is uniquely positioned to help any motor vehicle dealership (boat, car, motorcycle, etc.) with transforming their retail dealer space into a welcoming, good-smelling place of business.

Instead of rubber, plastic or chemical smells that can overwhelm your customers, we can design your retail space to smell like a botanical garden or Adriatic Spring or any other aroma you want.


HVAC Scenting for Car Showrooms & Popular Scents

Our L50 scent diffuser is one of the more popular choices among car dealerships in the Miami area as it can be discretely be positioned in the high traffic areas and cover substantial square footage with its powerful built-in fan. For HVAC-type installations, most of our dealership customers have gone with L150 HVAC capable scenting machine because of its powerful yet compact form-factor.

As for the aroma choices, many of our dealerships are using Musk, Leather, Enigma and Sherwood.

Should you need a unique aroma just for your dealership we can offer your over 300 pre-formulated scents from our extended collection or can design a brand new signature scent together with you.

Professional HVAC Scenting Systems

Branded Scents for Car Showrooms & Car Interior Scenting

Since the 80s car manufacturer has used certain materials in the vehicle interior to create the ‘new car’ smell which stays with the customer as sentimental experience. For example, Ferrari ® new car smell carries tones of dry leather and metal while Audi® new car smell has more gentle tones of leather and wood.

Whatever interior atmosphere you would like to have for your own vehicle, consider our compact yet powerful car scent diffuser (currently in white or black).

Car aficionados looking for the ‘new car smell’ will find our products to be in the best position to achieve that special smell for them.

Aroma Designers branded scents Leather and Musk are two of the more popular choices among car enthusiasts, but we also have an extended scent collection for those who are looking for more unique aromas.

Whatever scenting needs you may have please check out our inventory and give us a call (833) 777-7268 if you have any questions.

Car Mini Waterless Nebulizing Scent Machine by Aroma Designers