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Sensation - Fragrance Oil for Diffusers

Designer Scent Oils Samples
Evgenia Richardson
Great way to explore scents!

I loved it, came very useful before buying a full bottle.

Bad product expensive doesn’t smell

Not happy with products spend so much money it doesn’t smell not what to expected

Love ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Super !!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

Fierce: Fragrance Oil
Khurram Shaikh

Matching of fierce oil with original perfume is 50%

I love Bali

Most amazing smell

Crisp and fresh

It’s relaxing and invigorating. Makes our home smell clean and fresh

M10 Scent Diffuser

Love it

I decided to try the Sherwood due to all the positive reviews and I am so happy I did, it’s not over powering and smells great!

Unbelievable collection of scents, relaxing aroma feels you are in a 5 star hotel lobby.


I’ve been wearing BR540 for years and even bought oil dupes with consideration to add them to a diffuser. A few drops of this makes my whole bedroom smell like me%21%21%21%21%21%21%21 I absolutely will be a life long supporter. Thank you%21%21

Bali is lovely

It’s a scent I never tire of coming home to


This scent is so clean and fresh! I absolutely love how long lasting it is.

Smells Like Oregon

The scent light enough that's its not overwhelming, but string enough to linger throughout my home. It's clean, refreshing, reminds me of fall and my wife of Oregon. This is hands down our favorite so far!

M30 and Portable unit

I purchased the M30 to run through my HVAC as a whole house scent diffuser. The unit is supposed to be for a home up to 3000 sq ft, My home is 1642 sq ft, Needless to say I had to purchase the smaller portable unit to to put in my living room because I was not getting the desired scent. Do yourself a favor, Get the next bigger unit to get the desired effect that you are looking for.

Aroma Designers is the best!

I recently purchased a diffuser for the living room, bedroom and my car. The M10 fills our home with beautiful scent and looks stylish. The mini scent diffuser is perfect in our bedroom and has a color changing display that is very relaxing. I’m looking forward to using the car diffuser soon. I also highly recommend the “Affair” fragrance. I love so many of Aroma Designer fragrances, but Affair is my very favorite! I receive so many compliments and am known as the wonderfully fragrant home in the neighborhood. Thank you Aroma Designers!!

Dear Michele,

Thank you so much for valuable feedback.

Aroma Designers Team

Reed Diffuser Sherwood
Rosario Uscanga
Amo la esencia

Gracias por hacer está calidad de Aroma q nos ayudan a potenciar nuestro hogar cada llegada es un deleite inhalar q provee un ambiente con ese aroma q tanto te gusta 🤗🤗🤗😍😍

Dear Rosario,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

Aroma Designers Team

Excellent Quality!

Wow!! Wished I would have bought sooner. I love the quality and the difference it has made. I had purchased a different oil and I wasn’t happy with the quality. Wished I had purchased sooner. Try their samples and pick your favorite. Will not regret it!

Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

Aroma Designers Team

Designer Scent Oils Samples

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

Aroma Designers Team

Love but not smelling it as much as in the beginning

At first the scent was great when hooked up to our HVAC, but my husband and kids say they hardly smell it this past week. I’ve tried changing the settings but nothing seems to work. I smell it a little but not as much as I want to. The Manual didn’t come with instructions on what each button does so it’s pretty confusing. Help!

Love this Aroma

We really love this aroma. It doesn't slap you in the face with a overly perfume-y smell. Just a very pleasant aroma ... we have have it in our machine for the last moth or so and just love it

Great product

Love this

Muy bien recomendado

El olor es maravilloso!!!! Lo recomiendo. No me provoca alergias. Y la casa huele muy bien. Este olor es uno de mis favoritos.

Me encanto!!!!!

Lo recibí hoy. Me
Encanto el olor. No me dan alergias. El olor es muy rico. Se los recomiendo!!! Tienen demasiados olores buenos. No sabía cuál comprar y con este me encantó!!

Dear Yainier,

Thank you so much for your valuable review. Black Orchid is very likable woody scent.

Aroma Designers Team

Enigma fragrance

Smells good in the can but through the central air we can’t smell it.

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Enigma is one of our best sellers. When used through HVAC, the scent frequency have to be set on higher intensity. If you need help with your settings please contact us at

Aroma Designers Team