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M10 is ideal for home or office use up to 1,000 sq. ft. (with regular 10 ft. ceilings)
The pump operation is very quiet which makes it ideal for bedroom placement.
Holds 200 ml of diffuser oil (oil not included)

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M10 Scent Oil Diffuser

Manual Operation Only

This scent oil diffuser is one of the most versatile models we currently offer, it’s also our best seller. M10 is ideal for home or office use up to 1,000 sq. ft. The pump operation is very quiet which makes it ideal for bedroom placement.

Coverage and Application

This is a waterless type aroma diffuser for small and medium spaces up to 1,000 sq. ft. Typical commercial applications are small retail stores, pet grooming salons, office spaces, etc. The model has been tested in many 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and various office applications provide adequate scent coverage with minimal noise. Fully programmable 24/7, four different programs per day and custom intensity levels down to minutes and seconds.

Waterless diffusers (also known as cold air technology) transform essential oil into nano-particles without any heating which preserves the integrity of the scent. Unlike aerosols, there is no residue or messy canisters.

Cost Savings

This is the latest technology in scenting and the total cost of ownership is less compared to burning candles or using multiple aerosols. The initial investment in this unit typically is offset by the cost-effective technology within months, not to mention the difference in the quality of scents.

Scent Machine Specs:

  • Dimensions: H: 9.8” W: 6.1” D: 3.1”
  • Covers up to 1,000 sq ft. Our best seller, ideal for home and office use. Stylish look certain to fit modern and traditional decors.
  • Cold-air diffuser technology that preserves the integrity of the essential oil
  • Custom programmable by minutes and seconds
  • Durable atomizer pump with minimal noise
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 200ml bottle capacity
  • 110-220V power supply

Scent Diffusers

Yes, this diffuser operates from 100 – 240 V, the plug is for US (110) receptacles. For non-US receptacles, you would need to procure an adapter from the US to your country-specific plug type.

We work with many types of businesses and can recommend scenting solutions for your type of business based on what has worked well for similar clients e.g. pet care, medical offices, hotels, retail stores, etc. Should you need a proprietary (customer-specific) scent aroma for your business we can help you design your unique brand signature scent aroma.

Currently, we offer business diffuser leasing and fragrance oil refills for the Miami FL area only. As part of the B2B program, you will receive regular fragrance oil refills and maintenance by our trained technicians. Please contact us for a worry-free consultation.

We offer several types of commercial aroma diffusers, please contacts us for an obligation-free consultation. We would be more than happy to discuss the aroma needs for your business, we can also tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.

With proper usage and maintenance, the expected useful life of your aroma diffuser is around four to five years. This estimate is bases on the manufacturer’s pump lifecycle expectancy of 10,000 hours and unit working seven days a week, twelve hours a day at a medium intensity level. Aroma Designers cannot independently verify or guarantee the above-mentioned estimate, this is based on information published by the manufacturer.

The consumption of fragrance oil depends on your diffuser model, intensity level, hours of operation per day and days per week. As a general principle for our residential diffuser models, at a medium intensity level, working seven days a week from 8:00AM to 20:00PM the consumption of oil is approximately 100ml per month for C5, 200ml for M10, 500ml for M30/L50 and 1000ml for L150. This is just an estimate and the actual consumption level can vary based on your diffuser and program settings.

Scent Diffusers may be returned within 21 days of the date of product delivery. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs and applicable shipping insurance. The scent diffuser must be unused and in its original packaging with all parts, accessories and documentation. Scent Diffusers must be packed in a proper shipping box; a scent diffuser box is not considered a shipping box.

Scent Diffusers that have been run with oil are deemed used and not eligible for return. Scent Diffusers that have been altered, modified, or damaged by the customer are not eligible for return.

Aroma Designers is not responsible for lost items or damages caused by the carrier. We strongly recommend securing shipping insurance and providing us with a tracking number as part of the return process.

Refunds for returns conforming to the above-mentioned policy are typically issued within five business days from the product acceptance by Aroma Designers. All return units are inspected to confirm unused conditions prior to issuing any refunds.

Final Sale (i.e., ON SALE) items are not eligible for a return.

Exchanges typically are processed within five business days if all applicable exchange information is provided to Aroma Designers.

Car diffusers, S4, C5 – 90 days from the day of delivery.

M10, M30, L50, L150 – 12 months from the day of delivery

The warranty registration form can be filled here. If the diffuser malfunctions due to usage of non Aroma Designers fragrance oil, the customer will be responsible for repair cost and shipping costs.

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I am si happy with my purchase. Very affordable price for such scent diffuser. Paired it with the Brazilian Chill scent which is my favorite. I recommend Aroma Designers 😊😍

Thank you for recommending Aroma Designers' products. We appreciate it.

Monica Narcizo

Love my M10 Scent Diffuser best purchase ever.

Dear Monica, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience! The M10 scent diffuser is indeed a great choice!

Jeannette Rodriguez

M10 Scent Diffuser (HVAC)

steven schwartz
Better then expected!

The m10 comes with a wifi capabikity that was not fully advertised and the Android app is excellent. We love how quickly it diffuses our whole 850 sq ft room!