Odor Control Scenting Solutions For Veterinary Clinics, Pet Hotels, Salons & Pet Spa Centers

Let’s face it, we all love our pets, but at times they can be stinky too!

Often, we have people coming to us and asking

Are your scent oils safe for my pet?

and our answer is an absolute ‘Yes’!

Using the right scents to mask pet odor not only affects how the area is treated but also affects the well-being of your pet.

As a general rule, please stay away from artificial scents such as aerosols and synthetical type aromas. Our pets have a more acute sense of smell and treating the space with the wrong type of product can adversely affect their behavior and wellbeing.

Aroma Designers oils are hypoallergenic and 100% pet friendly because they are based on natural oils. Choosing the right size (model) scent diffuser is key for setting up an efficient and effective aroma delivery system, reach out for an obligation-free conversation. 

Depending on your space, type of application type (home vs. business), and installation type (freestanding vs. HVAC scenting diffuser) we have the right diffuser for you!

Below are some of the most commonly found per-related use cases:

Pets Odor Control Scenting For Your Home

Are you concerned about pet odor dominating the smell of your home?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this struggle. Pets normally secret a scent oil from their skin which does carry a smell. Sometimes seasonal and food allergies can trigger a more acute oil secretion.

The accumulation of pet odor over time can overwhelm the air composition of the living space and turn your home into an unwelcoming place. Instead of masking the pet odor with synthetical (harmful) chemicals, follow a basic two-step approach – properly ventilate the living space and use natural-based aroma products to treat the area.

Ventilating the pet living space is critical to the removal of odor and pollutants such as pet dandruff.

For smaller homes ventilation can be as easy as opening doors and windows for a period of time, for larger homes or pet facilities this could be in the form of dedicated ventilators and/or air purifying systems.

Once the area is ventilated, treat the space only with natural-based aroma products such as pet odor eliminator oil by Aroma Designers, the products are safe and pet-friendly. 

Lavender, Citronella, and Eucalyptus by Aroma Designers are some of the more popular scents among pet owners.

Odor Control Scenting For Pet Hotels & Pet Spa

Pet Odor Control Scenting For Pet Grooming Salons & Pet Boarding Schools

Recent marketing studies have shown a strong correlation between emotion-triggering stimulants (such as smell, music, and light) and customers’ willingness to spend money at that business.

Smell, in particular, is one of the more powerful stimulants that could cause people to subconsciously associate the smell with a particular memory, event, or place, hence affecting consumer behavior.

Simpler aromas such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Jasmine, and Cinnamon are easier to mentally process thus calming the spirit and predisposing customers to do business with you. Complex smells such as Botanica and Enigma can trigger romantic feelings hence predisposing new customers to engage in a business relationship.

For pet grooming salons and pet boarding schools, finding a no-scent pet odor eliminator is particularly important for your client’s experience. With so many animals through the doors and at your business, it is important to choose the best scent to cover pet odor; the fragrance oils mentioned above from us at Aroma Designers. 

Regardless of the particular aroma scent you choose to deploy, having a good smelling place is certain to invite customers to spend more time in your place of business, elevate the mood or level, and improve the overall quality of service.

Pet Grooming Salons and Pet Boarding Schools Scenting

Odor Control Scenting For Pet Hotels Resorts, Pet Lounge, Pet Spa Centers

Recent studies estimate that cats have about 14 times more sensitive sense of smell than humans, and dogs’ sense of smell is over 1,000 more powerful than ours.

There are certain smells that are ‘offensive’ to animals such as cigarettes, carpet fresheners, cleaning agents, and synthetic air fresheners. Having hospitable air for your pet guests is as important as the water and food they consume.

Much like humans, pets formulate experiences based on the environment they’re in, so a properly ventilated and good smelling place is essential for a pleasant pet experience.

Over the past decade, pet hotels and resorts have sprung up in almost every US city, an essential part of staying competitive is offering superior services, upkeep of the living space, and having a welcoming atmosphere for both, pets and owners. 

Aroma Designers’ delivery systems and our outstanding collection of natural oils can be the market differentiator for your pet-oriented business. 

Contact us now for an obligation-free consultation, our success measures with your success!

Odor Control Scenting For Pet Hotels & Pet Spa

Ambient Scenting And Odor Control Scenting For Veterinary Clinics

Aroma Designers’ scents are natural-based products that can transform the customer-facing area into a welcoming environment free of synthetic chemicals and lingering odors. 

While proper cleaning and air ventilation remain key ingredients for a healthy workspace, the type of aroma product used to treat the air makes all the difference.

Most of our veterinary customers are using standalone scent diffusers (for more targeted aroma delivery) for their lobbies paired with natural bases scents such as Lavender, Citronella and Eucalyptus.

In a veterinary practice, it’s crucial to ensure a clean and inviting environment. That’s why choosing the best scents for pet odors, combined with the effective use of a pet odor exterminator, can create a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere that helps both pet owners and their furry companions feel more at ease during their visits.

Humans and pets favorably react to areas that are properly ventilated and smell good. Scent your veterinary clinic to keep pet odors minimal and pet owners stress-free.

Aroma Designers have retro-fitted hundreds of businesses with unique aroma delivery systems paired with the right type of aromas. 

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your veterinary business and eliminate pet odors for good!

Pet Grooming Salons and Pet Boarding Schools Scenting

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