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The Benefits of Hotel Scenting

Taste, sound, touch and feel are important senses when it comes to certain brand impressions, however the sense of smell is considered to be the leader in marketing companies, especially hotels. Certain scents are used to enhance hotels’ lobbies, hallways, rooms and bathrooms, often diffused via professional air freshening systems.

Since smell has a significant impact on emotions, it could be used to connect with guests on a deeper emotional level, resulting in providing a warm welcome and enhancing the experience during their stay.

Explore our extensive selection of waterless diffusers with coverage areas from 400 sq. ft to 20,000+ sq. ft and create the ambience that will make your guests remember you by.


Creating a Memorable Guest Experience is Essential

In the highly competitive hotel industry, creating a memorable guest experience is essential for attracting and retaining customers. While exceptional service and luxurious amenities are critical factors, hoteliers have started to realize that the power of scenting can significantly impact a guest’s overall perception and experience.

That’s where scent marketing comes into play.

Hotel Scenting Why the biggest names in the Hotel Industry use scent marketing

Strategically Infusing Specific Scents

By strategically infusing specific scents into the hotel environment, the biggest names in the hotel industry have been able to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. In our article, we’ll explore why scent marketing has become a crucial tool for hotels and how it’s being used by the biggest names in the industry to enhance the guest experience.

Hotel Scenting: Why Hotel Industry Leaders Embrace Scent Marketing

custom signature scents

Customer Designed 'Signature' Hotel Scents

Aroma Designers have the capability to develop and design customer unique scents just for your own business and offer the most powerful and efficient scent delivery systems currently on the market.

The signature scent development process takes several weeks and requires a moderate level of interaction to dial in the exact tones for your specific aroma. Customers have the ability to provide scent design input and enter into a proprietary agreement for their own scent.

Aroma Designers can also help you formulate, bottle and prepare the retail package for your signature scent should you decide to retail the aroma product at your location.

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